The differences between GPON SFP B+ and C+

Last time, we briefly explained the differences between EPON PX20 and PX20+. This time,we’d talk about GPON.

For GPON OLT/ONU SFP transceivers, B+ and C+ are often compared and asked. Their differences also lies in  Output power and Receiver sensitivity. Here below is the table for B+ Vs.C+:

  • Item
  • Output power
  • Receiver Sensitivity
  • OLT B+
  • 1.5~5dB
  • -28dB
  • OLT C+
  • 3~7dB
  • -32dB
  • ONU B+
  • 0.5~5dB
  • -27dB
  • ONU C+
  • 0.5~5dB
  • -30dB

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